oh Google, I love you!

Steve: Hi, I’d like to exchange an egg.
Cashier: You want to exchange an egg?  You have a receipt?
Steve: No…do I need a receipt?  I mean, is that part of the thing?
Cashier: It’s customary to have a receipt when you want to exchange something.
Andrea: I think we’re in the wrong place.
Steve: No, no.  This is all part of the thing.  I want to exchange an egg.
Andrea: Steve, let’s go.
Cashier: What’s wrong with the egg?
Steve: Nothing.
Cashier: But you want another?
Steve: No, I don’t want another egg.  I want information.
Cashier: Look, I don’t know what you kids are on but I’m going to call the police.
Steve: You know, I think we’re in the wrong place…

2.15 “U4EA”

anyway.. wtf with the I’d like to eat a child suggestion, I mean,… why???

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